Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Trip 9/23/07

On Sunday,September 23rd, 2007 I purchased my "new" Scrambler XL kayak. And I was excited about getting out on it. I bought a few essential pieces of gear such as a paddle. The sales person asked if I needed a Personal Floatation Device. I said that I did not. My intention was that I would be using it only for diving and therefore would be in a full 7mm wetsuit. There is no way that you could possibly sink while wearing this. It was then that I was informed that the United States Coast Guard (an organization of which I was once enlisted) considers a kayak a vessel. Therefore everyone on board must have a PFD even if they are not actually wearing it. So I bought the least expensive PFD that is Coast Guard certified.

I drove down to La Jolla Shores and launched my kayak for the first time. Paddling out through the surf was exhilarating. The cold, salt water splashing your face as you drive through the surf, rushing over your legs. I then made a course over to the Cliffs just to the east of La Jolla Cove. From there I went west out to the first marker buoy of the La Jolla Preserve. Then I steered a course back to the beach. I did not want to over do it the first day.

As I neared the shore I paused just outside the surf. Now was the real test. Could I get back in without spilling the kayak in the surf? I watched the surf for a lull and went for it. Paddling quickly towards the shore I noticed my rear end being pushed out from behind me. Paddling and trying to correct my angle to the surf turn the kayak back perpendicular to the wave. Over I went in a wash of salt spray. Something that I would have to work on. And something I still work on, sticking the landing.

Little did I know that I would enjoy this so much that I would be out paddling nearly every weekend for the next year. I had created a monster. And each time out I would push my limits just a little further.

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Very Anonymous Mike said...

Can we novices have a key to all of your initialized lingo?

Also, you should tell your terror stories about how you are The Urchin Terror of the Deep.