Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Day of Summer

Out for my regular Sunday morning kayak. First, headed south to Marine room to view the Leopard Sharks. Visibility in the shallows not very good and saw none. But there was a huge flock of cormorants sitting in the water just past the surf. Probably 100 or more. Most were just resting. Some were diving for food and others were cleaning their feathers, looking like miniature, winged, black Dragons.

The over to the Cobblestone beach near Devil’s Slide to see if the Sea Lion carcass was still there. Surf was up just a bit, waist to chest high sets and a shore break. So I could not get up onto the beach. But I got as close as I could and could not see anything. So it was either washed out to sea or collected by the people I called last week. Over to the Caves, too surgey so I don’t go in. A quick look at the Sea Lions and then head west.

From there my long paddle to Crystal Pier. A few surfers at Horseshoe reef, Marine Street. Some others at Wind & Sea Beach, And a few more at North Bird Rock. Paddle down past Tourmaline Surf Park to Crystal Pier. Lots more surfers. But definitely not the summer crowds. The local diehards must be happy to have their breaks back, just like the divers are to have the beaches back. Mikes for finding parking at the Cove much easier. No longer have to get there at 0630 to get a decent parking place.

Saw mostly birds today. I should find a Bird Identification web site and link it to my page. I can of course recognize your basic Brown Pelican, Cormorants, and Sea Gulls. But there are a number of birds that I am not as familiar with and would like to identify. I would also like to know about their behavior and migratory patterns, if any.

Past the Grand Avenue Lifeguard station about ¼ to ½ mile past the pier. I hear the Lifeguards remind the beach goers that dog are not allowed on the beach or boardwalk after 9:00 AM. So it must be later than that. I think I left La Jolla Shores about 0730. I know I was at Starbucks buying my morning CafĂ© Mocha at 0700. I took a break here before turning back north. My first beside short pauses to get a drink of water or stop to look at some interesting sight, or pick up some trash entangled in the kelp patties. Clouds are burning off to the east. Time to put on hat, T-shirt, and sunglasses. Lone Sea Lion hunting out here with me. Came in close (10 yards) to see what I was about. Just another kayaker; swam off.

Back to The shores. Uneventful paddle back. Surf at The shores about 2 to 3 feet, made a graceful re-entry to the beach. Just a typical day today.


Very Anonymous Mike said...

That sea lion was collected by people with knives and forks.

Kayak Kevin said...

I have been known to eat Bizarre things (lately Camel). I know you liked it, too. But it was not me. That Sea Lion was pretty ripe.