Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Praising Hrolfr

March 29, 2009

I went down to La Jolla Shores this morning to meet with "The Map" tm Cleaning Crew volunteers and show them the procedures for cleaning. After I was done I decided I would get out on my kayak for a short paddle. I had not planned on going out and did not pack anything to eat or drink. When I was at the beach last (on Friday) surf was up and it was cloudy, cold and windy. But today was better. Though still partly cloudy and with a brisk breeze blowing from the south, the surf was manageable.

So I launched my kayak and headed out for a short paddle. First, down to The Cliffs for a peek at the Sea Lions. Ran into a small pod of Dolphins by the Marine Room Reef. Then I headed out to the far kelp bed off Children's Pool to test my resolve and fortitude. Wind was picking up and there was a bit of wind chop and swell coming in from the south. And the ocean swell was coming in from the west at about 4 feet. I was feeling just fine. Not having prepared I did not want to go too far. Turned back and headed to The Shores. The wind and ocean swell were at odds with each other and it was causing my kayak to turn south. I had to keep correcting my course to larboard (port) in order to keep my heading eastward. Made it back to the beach.

Everything went fine. I was not obliged to bow down to the god Hrolf this time. Instead the god Hungr was calling to me. At visit to Jeff's Burgers took care of appeasing that god.

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