Sunday, August 8, 2010

Concerts on the Bay

August 6th 2010

This is something else I like to do on my kayak. Humphrey's has Concerts by the Bay. Many boaters and kayakers motor over in whatever small craft they can find. Some come in small ski crafts or fishing boats. Some motor over in dingies or zodiacs. And some come in kayaks, canoes and even small inflatables. What ever they come in it is sure to be a fun party.

This evening Ringo Starr and his All Star Band were playing. Featured in this band besides Ringo are Edgar Winter (Frankenstein), Gary Wright (Dreamweaver), Rick Derringer (Hang on Sloopy) and others.

I packed up all my kayak gear, picked up some KFC and some Samuel Adams, and headed down to Bessemer and Scott Street to launch my kayak. I got down there about 6:15 PM and set up to go. The concert started at 8 pm. I paddled over and found a great place. I was right up front and could see the stage fairly well.

I think I was about 100 feet from the stage.

In just a short time I would be surrounded by many boaters and kayakers. Boaters coming to the concert are the friendliest group of strangers you will ever meet. I was right next to a family having a reunion in their small zodiac. Three of their teenage boys were up front a bit. One of them is a huge Edgar Winter fan.

Notice the girl to the right of the pic with long black hair.

(more later)

Ringo Starr and everyone came out on stage and after a brief intro and a shout out to all us freeloaders (which got a big cheer) the music got started. Ringo played quite a few of his more popular song including Yellow Submarine, With a Little Help From My Friends, and More. That's Ringo center stage. Forgive the poor quality. It is hard to get a decent pic in the dark on a rockin' & rollin' kayak.

Then Edgar Winter did Frankenstein.

The white blur in front of the drum kit is Edgar Winter.

Rick Derringer did Hang on Sloopy, and Gary Wright did Dreamweaver. Ringo did some other songs including a new original from his latest album. I can't recall the title.

There was some entertainment in the crowd also. One very big Ringo fan was sitting next to the girl with very long black hair in front of my group. (Yes, by the beginning of the concert they had become "my group". The family having their reunion said I was now part of their family.)

He kept yelling out "Ringo, Ringo" and flicking his Bic lighter. Soon he turned to a flashlight and was using that to express his enthusiasm for the show. During one point I noticed a little commotion coming from that group. I asked my neighbor what happened. He told me that the guy dropped his flashlight in the water. It was still visible on the bottom.

My comment at this was; "that is not the only thing that will likely end up overboard." And sure enough it was not long until there was a big splash and some sputtering followed by a ripple of laughter as well as waves as the Ringo Starr fan rolled his kayak. Everyone was encouraging him to retrieve his light. I think he must not be a free diver. He never got it.

Anyway, It was a good concert. and I look forward to going to a few more this summer before I return to my regular work schedule at the beginning of school.

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