Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paddle to Ruby E and HMCS Yukon dive sites

This morning I launched my kayak from Mission Bay and proceeded out the channel to open ocean.  Gray and overcast with a nice breeze keeping it cool.  I had not decided where I would go at first.  Point Loma kelp bed or Wreck Alley.  My hope was to see some blue whales.  I am not sure if I can get out far enough in my kayak to see them.  But one report from a local weatherman said he spotted some from Torrey Pines.  This suggests that is is possible.  And I have seen gray whales in close to shore.

Exiting the Channel I spotted some dive boats out at the Ruby E. So I decided to head there.  A little wind chop but the swell was small.  At the Ruby E I stopped and chatted with the divers there.  They then set off for a second dive at Point Loma kelp beds. 

I could see some boats out at The Yukon.  So I paddled there.  Once there I chatted with the divers there.  Was told the Yukon is now completely over on its Port side. I don't know when that happened.  I could be a while ago.  I have not dived there for quite some time.

After this break I headed back to Mission Bay. No whales or even dolphins this day. But a nice paddle

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