Friday, August 28, 2009

Long Break

Well, it is nearing the End of Summer, at least as far as work goes. This last week I have had an extra long break between my morning and afternoon shifts. So I set a goal for myself to get out and paddle every day this week, Monday through Friday.

Every morning I would get off at 0910 and set out for the beach. I would usually make it there by about 0940 and be paddling out through the surf by 1000. Most days I would head out towards the Far Kelp where I dived on Sunday. I know that the round trip takes me about an hour.

On Monday the surf was still small at the launch, but there was a little bit of a breeze to cool things off and make a little chop. By Tuesday there was a bit of an increase in surf. Things were breaking big over at Boomer. I was surprised not to see any body surfers. Remains small at the launch.

Wednesday; Very clear water in the surf zone. Went over to see the Leopard sharks in front of the Marine Room restaurant. There were dozens. Instead of going out to the Far Kelp I went and touched each of the Ecological marker buoys, thereby circumnavigating the La Jolla Ecological Preserve.

Thursday; Back out to the Far Kelp. Today the water in close was stirred up and murky. Not able to see the Leopard sharks. Virtually no breeze. Some breakers still at Boomer Beach. Heading back to shore had to drench myself to keep cool. Hottest day of the week, 102 in Clairemont.

Friday; Goal attained. Five days of kayaking in a row (not counting my kayak dive on Sunday.) Water clear again, observed Sharks for a few minutes before heading out. Still very hot. Absolutely no wind and small surf. Burning hot with no refreshing breeze to cool me or give me a push on the way back. Surf so small that I got no help or fun ride back to the beach. In fact, with so little forward momentum supplied by the surf, I could feel the drag in the wave troughs as the water found its way back out.

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