Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tess, Visiting From Seattle

I went kayaking today with my dive buddies, Mark (right) and Debbie (center) and their friend Tess, from Seattle. We met at 10:00 and they picked up their kayaks from one of the rental places along Avenida De La Playa in La Jolla. While they were doing that I got my kayak down to the beach and got it ready to go.

Mark and Debbie rented a tandem kayak. Here they are over against the cliffs and cave area east of La Jolla Cove.

It was a pretty calm day. Not much of a swell and the surf was just small ankle slappers over at the Boat Launch. There is still a very heavy Red-tide. So visibility below the surface was only a foot or two. So it was not possible to see anything of the reef

It was calm enough to paddle into the Caves. But since we were not with a guide Mark, Debbie, and Tess were restricted from going into the Caves. Being on my personal kayak I was able to. I took a quick excursion into Emerald Cove and through the pass-though cave, which is about 50 yards to the right of this picture of all three Tess in the foreground, Mark & Debbie behind.

Tess is a kayaker back in Seattle. She is used to Sit-in kayaks. She usually goes on lakes and rivers. This may have been her first time on a "Sit-on-top".

From there we took a trip out to Buoy "A" in the kelp. Saw a couple of Harbor seals. Then paddled back in to shore. I went into the beach first to help the others come in through the surf. It was so small that everyone made it in without any help, and no-one tipped.

Over to El Charro's for some Shrimp Burritos.

Having spent 4 years in Seattle it was fun chatting about it. Reminiscing about all the things to do places to visit. Told Tess about the kayak tour place on Alki Beach that I went when there last year.

Another great day at Sea & Shore.

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