Monday, January 2, 2012

Last day of Christmas

Monday, January 2, 2012.

My last day of Xmas vacation. Yesterday I did a dive with my buddy Mark K. condtions were nice, foggy.

So today I waited until about 1:00 PM and headed for La Jolla Shores for a paddle. The fog was just burning off at that time. To the South and west was the Fog Bank. To the north it was clear and blue. Air temp was a cool 64 degrees. Hit the surf at about 2:40 and headed straight out to the Far Kelp. It was kind of choppy with a wind frim the north of about 2-3 knots, just the occasional white cap, and a swell from the northwest of about 2 -4 feet. Just a nice day.

Once I got out past the kelp the fog had receeded and it was sunny, though it did not warm up much. But the sun on my back felt good. The wind dropped just a little so the chop was less. Headed North with the hope of meeting up with the Gray Whales.

On the way out I passed a group of Kayak tourist coming back in. After they passed I had the ocean to myself. No tourist (nto that they are bad), no fishermen. Just me and the birds.

I did not encounter any Whales today. On the way in a couple of Harbor Seals and a Sea Lion (juvey) came and checked me out.

Just nice to be out on the water

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